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In the Nood

In the Nood is conveniently located on the second floor of Newcomb Hall.

In the spring of 2010, U.Va. Dining partnered with Ms. Janette Martin, Assistant Professor at the McIntire School of Commerce, during her COMM 4642 course.  Student groups in that course presented their vision for a retail location on the 2nd floor of Newcomb Hall. One group, comprised of Alix Bedue, Claudelle Gehy, Joo Hyuk Lee, and Daniel McBride presented us with the concept that would evolve into In The Nood. Their presentation included the name of the location (In the Nood), sample recipes that could be chosen, and a prospective study of why they thought their fellow students would appreciate a noodle bar on Grounds. U.Va. Dining selected their concept as the “winner” and went on to create “In the Nood: Virginia’s Gourmet Noodle Bar.”

Summer 2015