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Meal Memberships

Longwood Dining Meal Plans are designed for students with busy campus lifestyles. Between attending classes, studying and personal responsibilities, who has time to worry about cooking, cleaning and shopping. Relax, we know how you feel and we have put together some meal plan options just for you. Our Meal Plans allow you to enjoy all the great dining privileges we have in store for you. With the wonders of technology, we transform your student ID card into a dining card packed with unlimited buying potential and the ability to eat what you like, when you like. The plans consist of different features depending on your individual needs.

The Longwood University Meal Plan Contract is for the full academic year (August - May), or if entered into after the start of the academic year, for the balance of the academic year. A meal plan is mandatory for all residential students, living on the main campus or within any off campus Longwood managed housing. The meal plan selection will be reflected on the billing statement.

Commuter students may add meal plans at any time in the semester, but must pay full cost for the plan.

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