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Non-Resident Meal Plans

Both Java City locations are now serve exclusively FAIR TRADE coffee and espresso.

There are a total of 5 on-campus dining locations that accept Plus Points. Please click here for a map of locations!

TWO NEW MEAL PLANS - The Block 175 which has $150 Plus Points and the Block 100 with $100 Plus Points.  Check out their descriptions and get yours TODAY! 

Calendar of promotions and events coming soon.




Just because you moved off campus doesn't mean you have to move off a meal plan. If you're an athlete, in an organization, study on campus, or even just have a full class load - a meal plan is a great way to save money, time, and dishes. With so many places to eat on campus, why go anywhere else?

We offer meal plans that allow you the flexibility to eat when you need to, right where you are. Who has time in between practice and getting to class to run off campus for food? What happens when you spend all day in class, and then all night in the library? If you're going to eat on campus anyway, why not save some money doing it?

See just how easy life is with a meal plan, no matter where you live!

To sign up for a Meal Plan, please go online and work through the banner system.

To view our meal plan options...visit the Meal Plan Privileges Page!

What are the Advantages to having a Meal Plan?

  • Meeting New Friends - Important parts of a student's total educational experience is making new friends and participating in the numerous activities offered by JCU. Just by eating on-campus, students will have the ability to meet people from all over the United States and even the world. Many of the friendships students make while dining on-campus will last a lifetime.
  • Convenience - By participating in a meal plan, students have the ability to easily walk from their classroom buildings to any of our dining locations throughout campus. This means students do not have to worry about losing parking spots on campus or fighting the traffic to get meals. In addition, it ensures students can eat great tasting and nutritious meals before, between and after class.
  • Value/Savings – Meal plans allow students to easily budget dining funds. Because students know they have guaranteed meals on their Carroll Card, they don't have to worry about getting or carrying cash. In addition, the price per meal with a plan is less than the price per meal at the door. 
  • An advantage - Studies of college students across the nation consistently show that students who eat and live on campus are more involved, have higher grade point averages, are more likely to graduate than students living at home or off campus and are more satisfied with their overall college experience.