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Meal Plans

Plans come in many convenient shapes and sizes.  A magnetic strip on the back of your student ID card works with our computer system to identify you as a dining plan member.  By combining a “Meal Allowance” with “Dining Dollars," you can customize a plan that’s right for you. Meals can be used at our all-you-can eat Fresh Food Company in Schott Dining Hall. You can add extra Plus Points (dollars) to your plan at any time, which can be used at all campus dining locations. Plus Points, Dining Dollars, Cash and Credit (Visa/Mastercard) are accepted at all JCU Dining locations on campus.

Click here to add Plus Points to your plan!

A Meal Plan makes it easy to connect, refuel, and save time. We have locations open from 7:00am – 1:00am. They allow you to grab a hot breakfast before going to class, catch up on emails while enjoying a latte at The Cubby, or munch on a late-night snack at The Inn Between. To sign up for a meal plan, please go online and work through the Banner Web System.   Click under Registration and Academic Services, then Residence Life, and My Housing and Meal Plans.  

Click on the links below to learn more about your meal plan options.

On-Campus Students

Off-Campus Students

To add Plus Points to any plan, click here!

JCU Dining Foodictionary


There are lots of privileges you will be able to enjoy when you sign up for a meal membership including... Savings, Convenience, Flexibility & Variety! Whether you have any of the traditional plans or the commuter block plan, meals can be used at the Fresh Food Company in Schott Dining Hall. 


JCU Dining “Foodictionary”
  • Unlimited Meal Plan
    The ultimate plan and best value with JCU Dining. An unlimited number of meals you can use per week for an entire semester with unlimited access to Schott Dining Hall as often as you would like.
  • Weekly Meal Plan
    A specific number of meals you can use each week for an entire semester. This plan resets weekly. 
  • Block Meal Plan
    A specific number of meals you can use any time during the semester. This plan resets each semester. 
  • Dining Dollars
    The number of dollars that comes with each meal plan. This amount will vary depending on the meal plan that is purchased. Dining Dollars are a prepaid debit account that can be used as cash at any Dining Service location on campus. Unused Dining Dollars will roll over from the fall semester to the spring semester as long as you continue to be a meal plan member. You will lose unused Dining Dollars at the end of each academic year.
  • Plus Points
    Plus Points are additional points (dollars) that can be added to your account outside of what is included in the meal plan. However, they are available to the entire campus community. You do not need to be a meal plan holder to add Plus Points, this is available to everyone.  Plus Points are a prepaid debit account that can be used as cash at any Dining Service location on campus. They can be added to your account or replenished at any time. Any Plus Points added in addition to the meal plan will NOT expire as long as you are a student at John Carroll.  To purchase Plus Points, stop by the Dining Services office on the bottom floor of the D.J Lombardo Student Center or click here if you choose to add online.