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Meal Plans- Frequently Asked Questions

Can I carry over my unused meals to the next week?
If you have the Unlimited Plan, you don't need to worry about counting meals, you can have as many meals throughout the week at the Schott Dining Hall Fresh Food Company as you like.  If you have a weekly or semester block plan, you may only have the meals allotted for each week or semester.  Unused meals with the weekly plans do not carry over from week to week.


Can I change my meal plan?
Yes! You are allowed to alter your dining plan up to the last day of the add/drop enrollment period of each semester.


I have special dietary needs. What do I do?
Nutritional information and menus will be posted for all our core items served in the Schott Dining Hall, and on the JCU Dining website. We offer vegetarian items at every location on campus. If you have additional needs, please stop by the Dining office, located in the Underground, and speak with a representative.


What do I do when my Plus Points run low?
Reload with JCU Plus Points. It’s a convenient, cashless way to pay for food purchases on campus. Plus Points can be used at any dining location on campus.   


I don’t live on campus, do I need a meal plan?
Students with on-campus housing are required to have a meal plan, students off-campus are not. However, it is still very beneficial for off-campus students to purchase a meal plan, especially athletes and students who are very involved. Meal plans are an easy and convenient way to work important nutrition into a busy schedule.


What if I have a question that’s not answered here?
E-mail us anytime, just visit our website at, or just stop down and see us in the Underground or Schott Dining Hall.