If you live on-campus, make meal plan changes through e-campus.
Check out the tutorial on Card Services website for more information.

meal plans - frequently asked questions

What are my options for meal plans?
There are several meal plans available to students living on-campus. All meal plans include punch and Dining Dollar combinations for use around campus. All freshmen are signed up for the Resident 14+ meal plan but you can change your plan to better suit your needs. Visit the Residential Meal Plans page to read more about the 3 Resident Plans.

What is a punch?
A punch can be used in several ways. The first is to gain entrance into an "all-you-care-to-eat" location. A punch can also be used at certain locations for a meal that is labeled a "Duke Deal" or as $5 towards a purchase.  You also can use it three times each semester for $8.50 equivalence at Madison Grill. 

What happens if I go over a punch?
That's okay! Each meal plan also includes something called Dining Dollars. Using Dining Dollars is like using a debit card to pay for any food that costs more than a punch. Let’s say you are buying a meal that costs $5.75. Since a punch is worth $5.00, you can use your Dining Dollars to pay the remaining $0.75. Just tell the cashier you’d like to use a punch and Dining Dollars.  Dining Dollars can also be used to purchase food from the many vending machines around campus, C-Stores and concessions.

Is there a refund if I don't use all my punches?
No, meal plans are set up with the understanding that you will most likely miss a meal at some time or another.  This "missed meal factor" is evaluated each year when pricing is determined.  Simply put, the more meals you use the lower your cost per meal but even if you miss a meal every now and then you are still getting a good value. 

What if I run out of Dining Dollars?
Don't worry…you can start a Dining Dollars GOLD account. Dining Dollars GOLD can be used in the same way as Dining Dollars. ** Dining Dollars DO carry over from Fall to Spring semester, but DO NOT carry over from one school year to another. There are lots of great ways to use Dining Dollars so don’t save them for the last minute. Dining Dollars GOLD WILL carry over from year to year. **

Why aren't there more choices available for a punch?
When you do the math you may be surprised at just how many options you have for a punch. But keep in mind, one reason the meal plans are set up to include dining dollars is to cover any extra charges over the equivalence or Duke Deals. You pay for these dining dollars, don't be afraid to use them!

Why can't we use our punches everywhere?
The smaller locations are not set up to accommodate the amount of customers they would get from accepting punches. Another reason the meal plans are set up to include dining dollars is to give you an option to use at the locations that do not accept punches.

When can I double punch?
Double punching now includes weekends – The double punch option is offered in the food courts (Festival, PC Dukes, Top Dog, Market One, and Corner Bistro) seven days a week instead of Monday – Thursday only. 

Do I have all week to use my allotment of punches?
Unless you are on the Resident 19 plus or the Commuter 19 plus, your allotment of punches is good all week Sunday-Saturday. With the 19 plus plans, you get 3 meal punches per day Monday-Friday and 2 meals per day Saturday and Sunday.  The 19 plus plan is a daily plan.  The Resident 14 plus and Commuter 14 plus are now weekly plans
which allow 14 meals to use throughout the week, not limited to 2 per day. 

If I'm not interested in one of the Duke Deals in the food court, can I still use a punch?
Yes, your punch can be used for a $5 equivalence at Festival, PC Dukes, Top Dog, Market One and Corner Bistro. 
And remember, all meal plans include three punches each semester at Madison Grill worth $8.50.

How does the Block 50 + $150 plan work?
The block plan with 50 punches can be used throughout the semester and includes $150 in dining dollars. The block meals must all be used during the semester but the dining dollars will carry over from Fall to Spring and must be used by the end of Spring semester. 

Why can’t I double punch at D-Hall or E-Hall?
Since your meal punches are just for you and D-Hall and E-Hall are all-you-care-to-eat there is no need for double punching.

Why is tax so high when I use FLEX, cash or credit card?
All meals are subject to the 5% state sales tax and a 6% local meals tax. Dining Services has no control over these taxes.

Why can't I choose a commuter meal plan if I live on campus?
Since cooking equipment is not allowed in the residence hall rooms, dining services is committed to providing meals for the time students are on campus. Residential meal plans are set up to provide all of the meals a student may need living on campus, with three choices to cover different lifestyles. Commuter plans are set up with the understanding that these students may spend less time on campus and therefore require fewer meals. The range of plans offered are representative of the varying needs of commuter students.

Meal Plan Terms and Conditions