Purchase Crusader Cash NOW!
Need HELP?  Check our ONLINE FAQs for all your questions!

Using your Crusader Cash for Laundry Services!!

Here's the breakdown of what you need to know:

*Washers are $1.50 per Load
*Dryers are a $1.25 per Load

*You Can use Crusader Cash, credit or Debit Cards in order to use the machines, though Debit cards have a pre-authorization of $7.50.

* If you decide to use Crusader Cash, you can make a deposit on your card, but there is a
minimum of $25 for this deposit. We also will accept quarters @ the Dining Services Office in Degenstein Campus Center,
BUT THEY MUST BE ROLLED. NO loose quarters will be accepted.

**Most importantly, as you know, Students must create their accounts and GRANT ACCESS to family members in order for those family members to deposit money into the account.

Crusader Cash Online  

You can now add additional declining balance dollars (Crusader Cash) to your account online, 24 hours a day!

What is the cost?
There is a minimum purchase of $25.00 in Crusader Cash.  You will receive more FREE GUEST MEALS with larger amounts of Crusader Cash purchased. More specifically, this is what you get for adding Crusader Cash to your dining account:
Add $100 and receive 2 Guest Meal Passes FREE
Add $200 and receive 3 Guest Meal Passes FREE
Add$300 and receive 4 Guest Meal Passes FREE
Add $400 and receive 5 Guest Meal Passes FREE
Add $500 and receive 6 Guest Meal Passes FREE
Add $1000 and receive 7 Guest Meal Passes FREE

Where can you use Crusader Cash?
Any of our dining locations!  Anytime!

Who can purchase Crusader Cash?
Anyone who currently has an active Meal Plan with our dining program.  If you don't have an active plan, please contact our dining office to set up one now! 

  • We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover Card
  • Use your dollars at our great locations on campus, or use your dollars to purchase something special from Sweet Temptations Online!
  • Do you want to know more about ordering ONLINE?  Linking your card to see your balance on the home page?  Linking up your family members to view your balance and make purchases for you? 
    Click here to go to our Online FAQs to find out all about it!

    Crusader Cash purchases are instantly added to your current active dining account.  You must have an active dining account to view your balance or to make a purchase of Crusader Cash. 

    If you don't have an active dining account, contact our office to set one up before you make a purchase!

Why buy Crusader Cash online?

  • 24 hours/7 days a week, we're open!
  • Check your current balance on the home page!
    • You can view your FLEX balance (that comes with your Meal Plan and your add on CRUSADER CASH balance as a total sum on the home page. 
      Just link your card in the 'OneCard options' screen in the 'My Account' section!  Check our
      FAQs for more information about how to do this!
  • Make purchases at Sweet Temptations with your Crusader Cash account*
  • Students can invite their parents (or others) to add $ to their account and view their balance via the 'Family Link'!
  • Opt in to receive promotional emails from the food service office!
  • Set up your ID card now and get shopping!

*You must have a linked card in the 'OneCard options' section of the 'My Account' in order to make a purchase with your Crusader cash account