Washington Square Campus

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Hayden Dining Hall

Closed for the 2014-2015 academic year


Saturday & Sunday:
11:00am- 8:00pm

Payments accepted:
Cash, Credit Cards, Dining Dollars, Campus Cash and Meal Plans


Hayden's Cookies were voted the best on campus in the 2013 Best of NYU Dining Contest 

33 Washington Square West
Phone: (212) 995-3074
Fax: (212) 995-4865
Location Manager: Steve Gregware


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Please note, Hayden Hall will be closed for renovations from late May, 2014 until late August, 2015 and will not be available for occupancy for the 2014-2015 academic year. This includes the use of Hayden Dining Hall. As an alternative, please enjoy dining in the Torch Club's lower level, the Tap Room, for lunch, Monday through Friday.

Welcome to Hayden!  
Hayden represents NYU Dining's sustainable and healthy eating initiatives.  We show support for local growers by serving a selection of seasonal, locally grown fruits and vegetables.  We serve only cage free eggs at our grill and our fish is harvested using sustainable farming methods to ensure robust fish populations for the future.

Learn more about sustainable seafood and what fish are appropriate to consume
Monterey Bay Seafood Watch

Our Sustainability Practices!
In effort to reduce our carbon footprint we have implemented a variety of sustainable practices.

-Trayless Dining helping to conserve water and energy and reduce the amount of detergents and chemicals that are expelled into the environment.

-Ionized Water Cleaning is used in daily maintenance cleaning on table tops and counters.

-Reusable Meals 2 Go containers reduce waste generated by disposable take out containers.  We are in the process of piloting the program to gauge its effectiveness on our campus.

-Farmers Market Cart showcases locally grown fruits and vegetables that are currently in season.

Hayden has fresh fruit spa water available daily

Hayden is the home base for vegan cuisine.  We have dedicated an entire station to vegan dining at the salad bar.  Our daily menu always includes vegan entrees, side dishes and desserts.

Gluten Free Offerings 
In an effort to support gluten-free dining we have implemented Gluten-Free areas in all residential dining locations. These areas are available during all service times and at minimum will include Gluten Free soup, bread, a cereal and dessert as well as a dedicated toaster. This is a not a Gluten-Free serving area, gluten-free menu options will be located throughout the dining hall. For information on gluten-free dining contact the location chef or manager.

Dining Events

Every Monday at Hayden
Meatless Monday is an international initiative to reduce the amount of meat in your diet by 15% to improve personal health and the health of the planet. Just one day a week can help
reduce the risk of cancers, heart disease &Type 2 Diabetes.
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for more information.

This monthly dining event takes our customers to the farm without leaving the campus.  NYU Dining works with our food distributors to showcase produce and products from local farms and business.  During these events guests will learn about local farms, their produces, their sustainable practices and get a chance to taste delicious products