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Filter Water Program

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Look for these "Healthy for Life" logos and others, at dining location stations, to make healthy dining choices.

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Dining Consciousness

Welcome to NYU Dining Consciousness, an overview of dining programs that support healthy eating and a healthy earth. Our healthy dining initiatives provide customers with nutritious, great tasting food options that compliment a healthy lifestyle. Our healthy earth programs are ways we reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable planet. We hope you take the time to explore these initiatives around campus.

 Healthy You!

 Healthy Earth! 

Healthy for Life
Healthy for life is all about our
commitment to help you power your life
on campus with good food and a dining
program that makes it easy for you to
eat right. We take the mystery out of
healthy eating by providing you with menu
and nutritional information, as well as
wellness resources that assist you in making
the best food choices. For more information
visit our
Healthy for Life page.

Nutritional App
Campus dining is now at your fingertips.
For the latest in dining location menus and
nutritional information, download the campus
dish app now on
apple and android.

Gluten-Free Offerings
We have a new Gluten-Free station in
Weinstein, dedicated to serving a daily gluten-
free entree, as well as gluten-free soups and
bread. There are also gluten-free areas in
3rd North and Hayden. These areas are
available during service times and at minimum
will include gluten-free soup, bread, a cereal
and dessert as well as a dedicated toaster.
For information on gluten-free dining contact
the location chef and manager.

Vegetarian Wok
Select fresh vegetables, herbs, your pick
of protein and cooking oil to create a
personalized meal at Weinstein's dining
hall. With a healthy flare, both meat-eaters
and vegetarians alike will love this station.

Just Vegan
All of our dining locations offer vegan and
vegetarian menu choices every day.
However, you can find some of the most
creatively delicious vegan meals in Hayden,
which has a dedicated station for vegan foods

Meatless Monday
This is an international initiative to reduce the
amount of meat in your diet by 15% to
improve personal health and the health of the
planet. Just one day a week can help reduce
the risk of cancers, heart disease, and Type 2
Click here for more information.

Sustainable Seafood
Dining services has partnered with the
Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch
program to help ensure that the world's
fish populations continue to thrive for future
generations.We select fish based on the
Seafood Watch list, which assures that the
fish we offer have populations that are at
safe levels and that the fish were harvested
using sustainable fishing methods. Join us
every friday for "Fish Market Fridays" at Hayden.
Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Filter Water Program
In Fall 09 we implemented a filtered water
program with the goal to reduce plastic bottle
waste. In contrast to tap water, which is
distributed throughout an energy-efficient
infastructure, bottled water must travel long
distances to get customers, which burns massive
quantities of fossil fuels. Additionally, New York
has some of the best drinking water in the
country, according to the EPA and doesn't need
filtration. Based on these facts, NYU Dining is
pleased to be able to give our customers another
opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint.

Reusable Meals to Go Program
Join the program and help reduce waste on
campus and reduce your own carbon footprint.
Participating in the program is simple by
purchasing a container for $5 from 3rd North or
Hayden. Bring your container back to the
participating locations at any point in the
academic year to take a meal 2 go.

Compost, which is rich in nutrients, is the key to
organic farming. Help us complete the cycle by
placing all food scraps, napkins and biodegradable
take out containers in the compost bins located
in Hayden, Weinstein and Kimmel Marketplace.

Trayless dining
All of our residential dining locations have gone
trayless! Trayless dining is beneficial to the
environment because it eliminates the need
to wash trays thereby, reducing chemical
detergents released into the environment and
conserving the energy that would be used to run
the dishwashers. Trayless dining also reduces the
amount of food wasted in dining rooms. Check
out all the great work our customers have done
to help reduce food waste by going trayless:

Food Waste Per Meal Period

With Trays

Without Trays


1.54 lbs

.93 lbs


1.98 lbs

1 lbs


3.03 lbs

1.34 lbs