Meal Membership Privileges
There are lots of privileges you will be able to enjoy if you sign up for a meal membership including...savings, convenience, flexibility and variety!

How Meal Plans Work
Weekly Meal Allowance
-> Ideal when you live on campus
-> Enjoy all you care to eat dining everyday
-> Pick the number of meals you'll need

Flex Dollars
-> Each Meal Plan is preloaded with $200 or $300 of FLEX
-> FLEX is just like a debit card accepted at campus dining locations
-> Each time you make a purchase, the total is subtracted from the balance in your account.

To Buy a Meal Plan Click Here

Residential Plans 2014/15

Supreme Plan
19 meals per week plus $200 or $300 in FLEX per semester.
If you lead a very active lifestyle then this is your plan. Real Food @ Bentley serves all-you-care-to-eat breakfast, lunch and dinner all week and brunch and dinner on the weekends. You'll never have to miss a meal with convenient retail locations on campus where you can exchange your meal for cash credit, while the FLEX can buy plenty of coffees, late night snacks and groceries.

Price:    $1,748/semester w/ $200 in Flex
              $1,848/semester w/ $300 in Flex

14 meals per week plus $200 or $300 in FLEX per semester.
Maybe your schedule doesn't allow for three squares a day. Maybe you're just not a morning person. Now you can choose 14 of the all-you-care-to-eat meals each week and use the FLEX when you want. Dine when and where it fits with your schedule. 

Price:    $1,576/semester w/ $200 in Flex
              $1,676/semester w/ $300 in Flex

The Social Lite

10 meals per week plus $200 or $300 in FLEX per semester.
We've got you covered with 10 meals per week.  You choose when to eat those meals! You'll find that the FLEX allows you to be on the go, making purchases from the dining locations throughout campus when you need something.

Price:    $1,397/semester w/ $200 in Flex
              $1,497/semester w/ $300 in Flex

Block Buster

175 meals per semester plus $200 or $300 in FLEX per semester 
If you have commitment issues this might be your plan. Residents and commuters can choose to use the meals as they see fit throughout the semester. Dine with us 175 times each semester at your convenience and use your FLEX to compliment your dining style.

Price:    $1,527/semester w/ $200 in Flex
              $1,627/semester w/ $300 in Flex

To sign up for a Meal Plan
-> Visit room 219 in Ulmer

To open a FLEX Account
-> Visit the 
Student Accounts Office in Ulmer

To add FLEX to your account
Online-> Click here (Student Login required), then click on 'Flex Addition' on the right hand side.  You will then have the option to add FLEX with a credit card or bill it directly to your student account.  Please note you will be visiting a new website when you click the link.

In Person->  
Visit the Student Accounts Office in Uler


Remember!  FLEX carries over from fall to spring semester, but does not carry over between academic years.

Want more FLEX? FLEX can only be added to your account during the first week of the semester.

Meal Equivalency
Students who have a meal plan are able to exchange an all-you-care-to-eat meal for a meal credit in some of our retail locations. You can utilize your meals at Burger's-n-Stuff, Fusion, STAX, and the Italian Kitchen stations in Lower Bentley (a.k.a Eagle Rock Cafe) AND throughout the day at The PUB (a.k.a The Eagle Wing Cafe).

Only one meal exchange per zone is allowed.
Students have four meal zones in which to use a meal.

Meal Zone Times

Monday - Friday:  7:00 am - 10:45 am

Monday - Sunday:  10:46 am - 4:00 pm

Saturday - Sunday:  10:30 am - 4:00 pm

Monday - Friday:  4:01 pm - 7:45 pm
Saturday & Sunday:  4:01 pm - 6:30 pm

Late Nite
Monday - Friday 7:46 pm - 10:30 pm