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Sustainability at LIU Brooklyn

What is Dining Services doing for Sustainability?

Buying Locally
LIU Brooklyn Dining Services supports local farmers and the community. We place a preference on food grown within our area when it is in season. We partner with J.Kings Food Service, a local foodservice company, SYSCO Foodservices and Sid Wainer & Son for local products. We also purchase many of our baked goods from local bakeries.

Reusable Mug Program
Dining Services supports the use of reusable mugs on campus. Use your reusable mug at Luntey Commons and Subway and receive a discount on your fountain beverage or coffee purchase.

Green Cleaning Products
Dining Services uses green cleaning products in all dining locations on campus. These products are Green Seal Certified and are non-toxic for humans and safe for aquatic life when diluted for use. The chemicals are also sold in recycled content packaging.

Trayless Dining
Dining Services has designated “Trayless Thursday” as the day to go trayless in Blackbird Café. Enjoying your meal without a tray helps reduce water and energy waste. Did you know it takes about 3 cups of water to wash one tray?

China, Flatware and Glasses
We use china, flatware and glasses at Blackbird Café. The dishes are washed and sanitized for reuse reducing the amount of disposables used on campus.

Bulk Dispensers
Bulk dispensers are used at Blackbird Café to reduce to amount of packaging that is used when single serve items are used. Items purchased in bulk include, cereal, milk, soda, juice, condiments and salad dressings.

Use of Sustainable Trash Bags
Sustainable trash bags are used at all dining locations. These bags decrease landfill space and the manufacturing of the liners requires less energy in the production process.


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Why buy local?

  • Local products spend less time in transit and therefore arrive faster and fresher
  • Local purchasing eliminates the need for long-distance hauling therefore reducing the carbon footprint
  • Local purchasing supports local farmers and the economy