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Leo O'Donovan Hall - Leo's Down Under

Leo’s Down Under is comprised of three separate "restaurants": The Bistro, Diner and Market, making this location the perfect place to socialize.  Menu offerings anassortment of grilled meats, sandwiches and freshly made pizzas.  Combine your favorite ingredients for an omelet or a personal pizza and watch our chefs cook a meal- especially for you! 

On your way back upstairs, stop at Taharka Brother's ice cream station to make your own sundae loaded with toppings, or choose a healthy frozen yogurt to satisfy your sweet tooth.



Join us for our late night hours to wind down after a long day! 


Enjoy late night diner classics to fill a large appetite or just a late night craving!



THE DINER  You’ll find all your favorite grilled foods and an all day breakfast at this 50s style Diner.  Enjoy specialty burgers, grilled sandwiches, a variety of fries and an assortment of prepared fish and chicken to satisfy any craving.  You can also have a made to order omelte comprised of your favorite toppings!

THE BISTRO Choose from an assortment of brick oven pizzas- everything from traditional cheese and pepperoni pizzas, to specialty toppings, such as barbecued chicken pizza or spinach and ricotta pizza.  If you have a unique preference for pizza toppings, don’t worry- you can build your very own personal pizza!

THE MARKET  Visit the Fresh Produce Market to enjoy a colorful array of the season’s best fruits and vegetables.  Toss a salad, use our Panini grill to make your own gourmet sandwich, or choose from a variety of hot soups and chili to complement your meal!

TAHARKA BROTHER'S ICE CREAM You're sure to satisfy your sweet tooth here! Choose from our local partners, Taharka Brother's Ice Cream flavors and a variety of toppings! Or treat yourself to frozen yogurt!

BEVERAGE  Get an icy cold, refreshing drink or invigorating hot one at the Beverage destination.