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Eat Green

To The Barnard Community, 

Dining at Barnard is committed to increasing the amount of environmentally friendly products and services offered on-campus. We understand the importance of continued environmental initiatives, especially for Barnard and our guests.

Eat Green is a communication campaign to help educate our guests about the steps we are taking to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, the support of sustainable agriculture and the elimination of unnecessary waste. This campaign not only communicates our efforts, but also nurtures and supports student initiatives in relation to environmental issues on campus.

Below, please find a list of the initiatives and programs we have in place;   

  • We have partnered with Eco Reps on campus for a Harvest Dinner twice a semester in Hewitt Dining Hall. The dinners features local, seasonal and sustainable recipes.
  • We offer Green Wave biodegradable take out containers. This product is made of environmentally conscious natural fiber and is an excellent substitute for Styrofoam and plastic.
  • We installed a BioX Composter; an organic waste decomposition system. This machine uses microorganisms, maintained at a favorable temperature, to digest approximately 200 lbs. of organic material every five hours, into waste water. Here's a fun fact, the microorganisms can eat any type of food product, except for bones and pineapple tops.
  • We now use 100% cage-free eggs for all breakfast items served in Hewitt Dining Hall.
  • We make efforts to reduce packaging by offering china, mugs and glasses whenever possible.
  • We use 100% recycled EcoLogo certified napkins.
  • We purchase local baked goods, sustainable produce from Sid Wainer, J. Kings
    and H & H bagels.
  • We recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum and plastic.
  • We recycle all waste cooking oil.
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning products, consisting of the “Green” line of environmentally friendly products.
  • We maintain a long-term partnership with City Harvest and donate extra food products every Friday.
  • We offer a 10% discount for all coffee purchases to customers who bring their own mug to Liz's Place.
  • We use 100% recycled paper in our office copiers and printers.

We will continue to explore new ways to expand our role in improving the environment and look forward to forming partnerships with student groups on-campus to reach these goals.

Goldi Juer
Director of Operations
Dining at Barnard

Fresh and Local: Farms
Below is a list of local farms Dining at Barnard uses for seasonal produce throughout New York and New Jersey

New Jersey Farms
J.A. Berenate Farms: Hammonton
ED Wuillermin & Sons Farms: Hammonton
Glossy Farms: Hammonton
Diamond Farms: Hammonton
Laning Farms: Cedarville
John Ploch Farms: Vineland
Tom Pontano & Sons Farms: Vineland
Flaim & Sons Farms: Vineland
Cassaday Farms: Monroeville

Long Island Farms
Fox Hollow Farms: Calverton
Deer Run Farms: Brookhaven
Satur Farms: Cutchogue
Latham Farms: Orient
Ed Zilnicki Farms: Riverhead
Wells Homestead Acres: Riverhead
Windy Arces: Calverton
Flora Nurseries: Mattituck
Sang Lee Farms: Southhold
Philip A. Schmitt & Sons Farm: Riverhead
Catapano Dairy: Calverton
Harbes Farm: Mattituck