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Meal Plans
Participation in a campus meal plan is required for all Barnard students:

  • All incoming first year residential students are required to participate in the Platinum Plan.  First-year students who commute from home will be required to participate in one of the two Convenience Plans or the Points only plan. 
  •  Upperclass students in the Quad will partake of a new plan at a lower cost, with fewer meals than had been required in the past.
  • All other full-time students and part-time students who reside in a Barnard owned or operated residence hall will be enrolled in the Convenience 2, or DEFAULT plan.  If a student selects a different plan that is higher in price, she will see the additional charge on the next campus bill she receives.  
  • Students are free to upgrade to any of the other meal plan choices. All of the plans will have a Kosher option at a slightly higher cost, with the exception of the Points Only Plan, which is offered at the same price.
  • Meal Plan Points within the various plans will be provided at a discounted rate.  For example, 315 points for food, beverage or convenience items will cost $300. Also, throughout the year, students will be able to purchase an additional meal plan or Dining Dollars.

Barnard Dining Services will continue to label food to assist all students in making food selections, but specifically for students with food allergies and/or dietary restrictions. In addition, those with diagnosed food allergies will have the opportunity to work with the Dining Services staff and Nutritionist in order to develop a food plan that works for their situation. 

2012-2013 Meal Plans # of Meals # of PointsStandard Price* Kosher Price* 
Platinum Plan 19 meals per week$120  $2,880$3,048
Quad Upperclass Plan 150$430  $2,000$2,107
Basic Plan 1 75 $200 $900$1,000
Basic Plan 2 60 $300 $900$1,000
Convenience Plan 1 30 $0 $300$350
Convenience Plan 2 15 $150 $300$350
Points Only Plan 0 $300 $300$300 

Defalt Meal Plan

Meal Plan Points

  • Meal Plan Points are "dollars" that are part of your meal plan that you can use like cash at any dining location on Barnard’s campus.
  • You may use these points to purchase à la carte meals and snacks for guests and friends.
  • Meal Plan Points carry over from the Fall semester to the Spring semester if you remain enrolled in a meal plan in the Spring.
  • Meal Plan Points remaining on account at the end of the academic year are forfeited.

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are available initially in $100.00 increments and deposited in your account much like a bank account. They can be used to supplement your dining plan and provide the convenience of purchasing items on both the Barnard and Columbia campuses.

  • Dining Dollars carry over from year to year. Any Dining Dollars unused by the end of your Senior  year will be forfeited. 
  • When you use Dining Dollars, simply tell the cashier, and they will be deducted from your account.
  • You may purchase Dining Dollars at the Dining Services Office located in Hewitt Hall or the Dining Customer Service Center in 18 Hartley Hall on the Columbia Campus.

Terms and Conditions
All funds and plans purchased for use in the dining program at Barnard College are for the personal use of the owner of the account and are non-transferable.  The dining program at Barnard College funds and plans cannot be used as a gift or gift certificate.  Except as otherwise expressly stated in these terms, all dining program funds and plans are non-refundable and will expire at the earlier of the last day of enrollment or employment, as applicable, or the last day if the current semester.