Everyone has a part to play. Through the collective efforts of everyone, we can become a more environmentally friendly campus.

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Sustainability on Campus

Our Mission:

To be an inherent leader in becoming environmentally friendly in day to day practices. This means making decisions that are thoughtful, efficient, and beneficial to our customers, daily business objectives and that support the environment.

Recycling Initiatives

  • Working with Allied Waste Management, the department recycles all glass, aluminum & plastic.
  • The department recycles all cardboard with Goodwill Services. On average, we recycle 1,000 lbs of cardboard each week!
  • Encourage recycling at each of our retail operations, through education and leading by example.
  • Eliminate styrofoam - since this is not reusable in a mainstream manner yet. Currently, we are styro-free!
  • Replace many paper and plastic product with compostable goods and continue to look at new products on the market that comply with our sustainable goals.
  • Waste oil recycle - During the Fall 2009 semester, the department made an agreement with Waste Oil Recyclers for free pick up of our oil for the use of bio-fuel. To date, we have recycled over 1,085 gallons of oil, which has produced over 650 gallons of usable bio-fuel!
  • Our office paper is SFI certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, ensuring that it's from a legal and responsible source!

Reduce Energy 

  • We have recently installed a run time meter on our dish machine. This has lead to significant savings of water, chemicals, and electricity!
  • Reverse Osmosis system in the dining hall has reduced our carbon footprint in a profound and novel way. This not only improves our quality of goods and services provided, but eliminates caustic chemicals used for removing calcium and lime scale, and extends the life expectency of our steamers, ice machines, steam tables, and the dish machine. A waste reclaim tank assures that we utilize any discarded water for use in our garbage disposals and water cooled refrigeration.

Future Considerations

        With renovations coming this summer, we have been including many environmentally friendly practices into our plans. All of our new appliances will be Energy Star grade, we will be replacing our inefficient refrigerators and freezer, are including a newer and more efficient dish machine that will cut down on water, electric, and chemical waste, and much more!  


Albright Dining 
13th and Bern Streets
Reading, PA 19612

Kristina Coble
General Manager

Phone: 610-929-6680 Email: kcoble@alb.edu